Blogging from A to Z Challenge


Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of time. ~  H. P. Lovecraft

Blogging From A to Z Challenge

“A” is for Atlantic, as in Atlantic Ocean. 

I was born in western Pennsylvania, about one hour north of Pittsburgh and ten minutes from the Ohio border. The ocean was out of reach except for vacations. My dad took us on a two week vacation every summer and Florida was a favorite destination.  

I remember the first time I laid eyes on the Atlantic Ocean. I was five years old and had never seen a body of water so large  it reached all the way to the horizon. The memory of that first glimpse has remained with me for 55 years. The happy times we had on those vacations have remained as well. 

I suppose those golden memories are the reason that I love the ocean and beach so much. I can sit for hours watching the waves and sky and it never gets old. But, could the allure be related to something more? Is it because our first home is a watery environment? Was I a viking or sailor in a previous life? 

Whatever the reason, my goal was to one day live near the ocean. That goal was realized in late October when I moved to Florida. For now, I am “testing the waters” and enjoying it very much.

If you’d like to learn more about these beautiful and expansive bodies of water, you can click here:  15 Fun Facts About Our Oceans




13 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Challenge

  1. I remember the first time I saw the ocean. It was the Pacific ocean, I was 36 and I was so excited seeing the waves coming in and the endless mass of water. I could get use to living by the ocean, but then again I love my mountains too:) Beautiful photo! Thank you:)

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