Birthday Poll – What’s Your Favorite?


Today is my birthday and yesterday was my daughter-in-law’s birthday (I tried to exchange my 55 years for her 29, but she said no thanks…go figure.) Anyway, my daughter is joining us this Saturday for a dinner out, and is concerned that I’m not doing anything “special” for my 55th. I can think of a few things, but nothing within my current budget. She suggested several ideas including a helicopter ride or trip to the zoo. I’m open for almost anything, as long as it doesn’t involve jumping out of an airplane (my son did that last September for his 30th.) 

That got me to thinking about what other people most enjoy doing/receiving on their birthday, so I decided to take a poll (my first, btw!) 

So, if you get a minute, I’d love to hear what your preferred birthday gifts/experiences are. WordPress allows us to make friends around the world, which is a wonderful gift in itself! But, I’m curious to hear how folks celebrate, including those in other countries and cultures. 

Thank you, in advance, for your time and your friendship! 



15 thoughts on “Birthday Poll – What’s Your Favorite?

  1. Happy birthday! I’m a March baby as well 🙂 I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do!
    As far as how I celebrate … as long as I’m with family, I’m good 🙂 This year, I spent some time with my husband and kids at the mall … We had lunch, did some shopping, I got a massage with the hubby, and my daughter & I got our nails done together a couple days later. We also got to enjoy dinner with my parents one night, and dinner with my in-laws another night. Now that I have children and am in my 30s, I don’t party like I used to … but, I don’t mind at all 🙂
    I enjoyed taking the poll!

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    • Thanks for participating Christina! I like to spread my celebration out over a few days as well. These days it’s hard to get everyone together at once (unless it’s a national holiday, which my birthday is not!) It sounds like you had some great moments with your family. We still party, but in very different ways!

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