Items of Interest

Twitter responded to the the terrorist threats against Belgium, made over the weekend of November 21st,  in a very unique way:  cat memes.

During the city wide lockdown citizens initially  began tweeting information about the on-going operation. Police quickly requested, via tweet, that the public not share any  information. They complied by replacing those tweets with a variety of cat memes. I believe that by responding to threats with humor, they showed the terrorists that the citizens of Brussels will not be intimidated, as well as their love of cats.

As a current job searcher I’m always on the lookout for advice that can help achieve the desired result (getting hired.) According to this self test on Resume Genius, hiring managers take only six seconds in deciding whether to keep or trash a resume.

It offers ten different resumes and you have to choose, within six seconds each, which ones you’d keep or toss. Once you receive your score (the average score is 6, I got a 5) you’re then shown three resumes. Of those candidates you must choose the best one, after which you’re shown what percentage of the test-takers chose each of the three candidates.

The purpose of the exercise is to illustrate the importance of having a well done resume, both in appearance and content. It was fun, informative, and a real eye opener!

This list caught my eye on November 19th, which was this year’s Great American Smokeout. As a former smoker (I’ve been “clean” for four years and seven months) I wanted to see which ones I had utilized in my own efforts to stop smoking. It turns out that of the ten, I had practiced six.

It wasn’t my  first attempt to quit; there were many over the years. I wasn’t a heavy smoker. I didn’t reach for a cigarette first thing in the morning and refrained from smoking in the car or while I was doing other tasks. Despite quitting several times for varying periods of time, I always went back. I believe that was because I wasn’t truly committed. Once I made up my mind that I was going to quit for good, I was able to do it. Mind over matter in addition to some good strategies was the ticket I needed to finally kick the habit!

This is a wonderful story about a  man, Hyong Yi, who honored his late wife on the first anniversary of her death by handing out 100 love notes to total strangers.

Each note was numbered and, when read in order, chronicled their life together. Hyong encouraged the recipients to pass the messages on to a loved one and even supplied a blank card to write their own notes on. His goal wasn’t to gain attention on the Internet, but to simply remember his wife is a loving way.

Many of the people responded in a positive way and these heartfelt thoughts can be found on

After spending sixteen years in prison on sexual assault charges, Luis Vargas was cleared on November 23rd after new DNA evidence linked the crime to another man.

Stories like this really get to me. Imagine being wrongly accused of a serious crime and then being put in prison for it. Sixteen years is a long time to have taken from you. I can’t fathom what that must feel like.

Thankfully the advancements in science have made DNA testing possible and will hopefully prevent these types of horrific mistakes from being made.


3 thoughts on “Items of Interest

  1. Lulu,
    All those stories touched me, especially the last one of the prisoner of 16 years for a crime he didn’t commit.
    Hope he used those 16 years constructively or will use the rest of his life in a positive way- easy to say, I know but very difficult to not be bitter in this situation.

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