WonderWorks – 9067 International Drive Orlando, FL 

The history behind this unusual and upside-down building in Orlando, FL is as follows:  it was once a top secret laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle that suffered an experiment gone awry. It was lifted up and  carried all the way to International Drive in Orlando, where it was deposited upside down! Fortunately, all the contents remained intact and undamaged!

WonderWorks is 35,000 square feet of educational and entertaining exhibits, including 100 hands-on, that challenge the mind and spark the imagination. 

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Great post Stuart! Your knack for “shucking” the mundane and finding something marvelous is something I want to learn, so I’ll be following. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I want my readers to meet you if they haven’t already.


On a recent evening commute, a woman boarded the bus and rushed towards me. Rather than sit, she seemed to fall into the empty seat beside mine, a mound of heavy coat, thick scarf, and several bags. She wedged a bag between her feet and dug through her purse producing a pen and ragged notepad. Flipping frantically through its frayed pages, she peered at me over glasses perched on the tip of her nose.

“I have to make a list of things I’m thankful for.” she said with irritation.

I didn’t ask why, but glanced at her notepad. She was grateful for some important things, with “health” and “job” written so far on her list. She saw me looking.

“I need ideas. What are you thankful for?” She sounded aggravated.

I thought back to when my daughter was small. I told the woman how my daughter’s eyes lit up when we…

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Items of Interest

I started this Items of Interest post because I wanted to share interesting stories I found on the web, as well as feature a regular post that followed a specific theme. I only did it a couple of times and then quit. It takes some time to put it together and I felt my time would be better spent writing about me and my life (I hope that doesn’t seem as conceited as it sounds!)

Then I got my year in review statistics from WordPress and found that my most popular post was an Items of Interest piece. So, I’m going to continue it for awhile and see what happens. I will pay more attention to the Stats information as I go along. This was my first year blogging and there’s so much to learn! 

Regarding Items of Interest, I want to stay away from the bad news stories that tend to make up so much of what we read. I use Pocket to save the stories that I think are infomative, funny, unique, etc. and put about 5 -6 of these into one post. If I have any thoughts or opinions on the individual story I’ll include those as well and always welcome your feedback!

Here are some items I put together for this week:


Even though Christmas is over, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this adorable and creative story from Allen Lawrence over at The Dad Blog:

Elf on the Shelf

Dad Turns Baby Into “Elf On the Shelf”


A new year is always a great time to clear our and organize cupboards, closets, and iPhone photos – article from MSN.com:

iPhone Photos

How To Clean Up Your Messy iPhone Photo Library

While you’re busy clearing out the clutter for the new year, be sure to clear out the negativity and focus on ways to bring more positivity to your life – article from The Muse:


57 Small Changes to Improve Your Life



While we love and depend our electronic devices, here’s a danger I wasn’t aware of – article from The New York Times and photo by Tim Lahan:


Fighting the iHunch

I lost my Dad to dementia in March of 2015 and as a Baby Boomer with a possible predisposition to Alzheimers, I’m interested in hearing about the latest research – story from NPR’s Morning Edition:

Brain scan Alzheimers

Lack of Deep Sleep May Set the Stage for Alzheimers

When considering a bedtime snack consider these foods that promote better quality sleep – from Cleveland Clinic:


Five Foods That Help You Sleep



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