WonderWorks – 9067 International Drive Orlando, FL 

The history behind this unusual and upside-down building in Orlando, FL is as follows:  it was once a top secret laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle that suffered an experiment gone awry. It was lifted up and  carried all the way to International Drive in Orlando, where it was deposited upside down! Fortunately, all the contents remained intact and undamaged!

WonderWorks is 35,000 square feet of educational and entertaining exhibits, including 100 hands-on, that challenge the mind and spark the imagination. 


12 thoughts on “Wonderworks!

  1. What a great find! I had to look twice to make sense of the building when I first saw it! Thanks for posting this in the Art in the Streets Photo Challenge. Your post has been Tweeted and shared on FB as promised 🙂


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