Why the beach theme for this blog?

Because it’s my happy place.


We all have one that serves as a refuge from life’s chaos. It’s where I go to escape and rejuvenate.

I first heard the term “following sea” in the Crosby, Stills & Nash song Southern Cross. In boating, the following sea refers to a wave direction that matches that of the boat.

This makes sailing much smoother and is one-half of the expression “fair winds and following seas.” It’s often used as a celebratory toast to commemorate a new voyage.

I wanted the title to express the purpose of the blog. Life is a voyage, full of personal choices that either encourage or discourage a following sea.

I like the analogy between how the circumstances and people we meet often create either calm or rough water. How we navigate those waters largely determines the course of our lives.


Like the changes that occur each day, the rise and fall of the tides bring changes to the beach.

The seashells, unique in their differences, signify the people we meet.

Various types of objects and debris wash ashore each day, some beautiful and others not so much.

Invariably, these are the changes that create the landscapes of both the seashore and our destiny.


22 thoughts on “Home

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  2. The nice thing about the future is that it is full of choices and opportunities. Its almost like being back in school when we were looking at graduation and tried to figure out what we wanted to do. I love standing by the ocean and enjoying the waves coming in and out. That can be so soothing.

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  3. Hi Luanne, I am pleased to meet you via Mostly Blogging. I love your blog theme of the beach. I would call that one of my happy places too. I think salt water cures a lot too. I sometimes walk in the shallows and I know it just lifts my mood and I can think and be more creative and go home with lots of good ideas flowing. I also love photography, what a nice little photo you have of the shells and seaweed. I hope we meet up again.

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  4. HI, its hard to beat the sea and the beach as a place to go to – to calm, to relax, to think, or just to BE and ENJOY. in my home country i live 5 minutes walk from the beach, away from home i miss the sea always. love the isak dineson quote also. one of my favourite poems is john mansfield’s “sea fever” – ” i must go down to the sea again, to the call of the running tides… ” ….. πŸ™‚

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