The Life of B – Squares Photo Challenge – #TreeSquare

When visiting Florida I enjoy looking at the trees and plant life. Some are similar to what we have here in Pennsylvania; others are quite different. A good example is the palm tree. You won’t find these in the northeastern United States!

On a 2017 trip, I noticed this stately-looking specimen, particularly the trunk. It appears to have a ribbed or rope-like structure. After a quick search, I discovered it’s a banyan tree.

The banyans are native to India and Pakistan. Variations found in Florida enjoy the tropical climate. False Banyans (Fiscus Altissima) have become invasive in the southern regions of the state.

Taken in West Palm Beach, I’m not sure which type it is. Regardless, it’s a cool subject with an interesting backstory. Click on the link to hear more about Banyan trees.



The Square Challenge | Banyan Tree

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