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I can’t remember where I stumbled across A.Word.A.Day, but I enjoy getting the daily notification in my email.

Talk about a quick vocabulary builder! It only takes a minute to read the day’s selection, pronunciation, meaning, etymology, and usage.

A.Word.A.Day is a service provided by Wordsmith, a worldwide online community of people who enjoy all things having to do with words (remind you of anyone?)

It’s convenient and easy, so I wanted to share with my blogger friends.

If interested, you can read more about it on their website here:

Or, if you’d like to receive the daily word you can sign up in the sidebar over there. >>>>

Today’s Word: FOOFARAW


MEANING: noun:
1. Excessive or unnecessary ornamentation.
2. Fuss; commotion.

You can continue reading the etymology and usage of today’s word here:

2 thoughts on “Building Vocabularies | A.Word.A.Day

  1. Thanks for sharing – I used to get this daily email for years – when it was just Anu Garg running it – I peeked at the link and see they continue to thrive and have a team now – which is awesome and cheers to words – but I won’t be following them ever again – just not for me anymore –
    But again / so many awesome ways to build our vocabulary


    • Yes, according to the site Anu Garg started it in 1994. I only stumbled across it a couple of years ago. Just to clarify, there’s no affiliate program & I’m not promoting it for any reason other than to share for fun. They come up with so many words I’ve never heard of! Always grateful for feedback…Thank you!

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