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Landscape of red barn set against green background and blue sky

Living in small town USA offers a nice variety of different landscapes. I love this shot of the classic red barn with cows grazing on the hillside. With the pop of color against the background of greenery and blue skies, I can almost smell the fragrant summer air.



Wanderlust 7

If you continue driving about an hour past the rural setting above you’ll arrive in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. This urban landscape shot is highlighted with the Cathedral of Learning (University of Pittsburgh) in the center.

The photo represents traditional big city life. There’s an eclectic mix of old and new architecture. On the left is a modern, circular structure, while the buildings on the right reflect the beautiful designs of bygone eras.

The car and traffic lights add radiance to the downtown scene along with the green bicycle casually parked on the left. 


Old storefront; small town and weathered

Sandwiched between city and country are the small towns. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but most have remnants like this one tucked away on a side street.

Weathered and peeling this brick building has seen its heyday. And yet there’s something enchanting about it. Maybe because this vintage storefront reminds me of the ones I used to frequent as a kid. They sold assorted sundries, penny candy, and memories to last a lifetime. Sitting amid the strip plazas and new construction they’re a haunting reminder that we can never go back.


Shady Path

We’re blessed to have the beautiful 260+ acre Buhl Park in our area, complete with a lake and adjacent free golf course (the only one in the U.S.)

I have many photos in all seasons from this wonderful location. I appreciate this particular one because of the sun-dappled path strewn with aged evergreen needles. 

Growing up we found an adventure around every corner (like the one pictured) and summer gave us the freedom to roam from morning till night. Like the brilliant greenery and dried, brown needles, each year brought new experiences to add to the old favorites.

The Daily Post | Tour Guide


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