Anticipate | The Good, The Bad & Hurricane Irma

IMG_0300NOTE: This post was written in response to the September 6th prompt from The Daily Post: Anticipate. 

I realize I’m late but wasn’t able to finish and publish the post before Hurricane Irma arrived.

Once the storm was over and the dust cleared we were without electricity and Wi-Fi for five days. I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without my computer! 

When I first read the prompt my immediate thought was of all things positive. Like a special event that we’ve been looking forward to or that cherished entrée at our favorite restaurant. 

According to when we anticipate something, we realize it beforehand; we foretaste or foresee it.

Speaking of taste, the noun anticipation always reminds me of the Carly Simon song and this classic Heinz Ketchup commercial from 1979. I graduated from high school that year and don’t remember much, but the fact that this commercial stayed with me makes it a prime example of effective brand marketing.

I’m not sure why the word anticipation evokes pleasant things in my mind, but it does.

However, anticipate/anticipation works both ways. It’s possible to anticipate something in a negative way like the results from a diagnostic test, or the sudden appearance of flashing lights in the rearview mirror. There are circumstances that arouse fear from the mere anticipation of them.

This is currently the case for many people regarding Hurricane Irma. Seeing the recent destruction in Texas was a grim reminder of the damage these storms can do. While the passage of time allows our memories to fade it hasn’t been two weeks since the last storm. To witness the video and images from the Caribbean this soon after Harvey has stirred feelings of panic for many.

I have family in Florida and am currently house sitting in the central part of the state… on a barrier island, no less. Watching this tropical storm develop into a monster Category 5 hurricane has created some major negative feelings of anticipation. 

Interestingly, my unease isn’t nearly as bad as it was last year when Hurricane Matthew came through. I was far away from storm surges and damaging winds.         

But, when you’re worried about loved ones there’s a certain level of comfort in being with them, even if that means being in potential danger yourself.    

With Matthew, I felt helpless to do anything. Being here now gives me the opportunity to do something.  And there’s always comfort in action.

I’m pretty sure this has to do with control. We always want and need to be in control. 

So, I’m preparing for one of two scenarios: to stay or evacuate. Each plan involves a separate list and there is some overlap. There are many details in securing the house, as well as making sure I have the necessary supplies for myself, my daughter, and four cats!   

I’ll be busy over the next couple of days exercising what little control I can. Once the storm arrives the anticipation phase is over. Hopefully, we’ll manage the actual events without the fear escalating too high!

It’s impossible to predict how things will go. I do anticipate that proper preparations and security measures will increase our chances for riding out the storm safely.  

Wish us luck!

The Daily Post: Anticipate


5 thoughts on “Anticipate | The Good, The Bad & Hurricane Irma

  1. I remember that commercial well. I always think of it when I use Heinz Ketchup. And when I hear the actual song I always think of the Ketchup. haha Glad you came out of the storm unscathed. The anticipation of it was truly horrible.

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