New Horizons, New Goals


Once again, as the new year approaches, I’m considering what my resolutions should be. There’s always the personal ones: eat better, exercise more, etc. 

However, this year I have a professional goal, as well. After moving to FL and having a lackluster job search, I’ve decided to try my hand at freelance writing. 

Because I haven’t written professionally and am starting my own business, there are some obvious first steps I must take:

  • I have to create a portfolio to display my work and show potential clients that I have experience and references. This is what I’m currently working on. 
  • Then, I must put together a writer’s website dedicated to this new venture. That will require time, effort, and creativity.
  • I’ll need to get a tax ID number and the many other things required for a small business. That will take some research since I’m a newbie. 
  • All the while I’m doing this I must continue writing, networking, brainstorming ideas for projects, learning to write pitch letters, and a whole host of other things!

That somewhat hazy-looking horizon in the picture above? That’s my future freelance business. And the buildings, roads, rivers, and bridges in between? Those represent the many, many tasks and details required to get there. 

As you can see, that’s a lot of ground to cover. In order to go the distance, I better get moving!

Photo Challenge: New Horizon






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