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Okay, I realize that I’m somewhat of a cheap date.

At 55 years old I’m impressed with cut & paste and TVs that can stop a program while you run to the bathroom. I’m amazed with long distance telephone service, let alone being able to SEE the person you’re speaking to (if you opt to use Skype.) I still remember the sense of wonder I had when IBM upgraded its Selectric typewriter to include an internal correction feature, which eliminated the need for cover-up tape and whiteout.


So much has changed and advanced over the course of my lifetime. We truly are living in the technological revolution. 

amazon-dash-buttonsYesterday I was, once again, astounded by a new product. I don’t watch network television or buy magazines and newspapers, so most of the advertising I see is on the Internet. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, this little gem came up on my Facebook newsfeed and I wanted to share it with you.

They’re called the Amazon Dash Buttons.

Jeff Bezos and his software engineers have devised another way to retain current customers and attract new ones with the simple push of a button.

Forget shopping lists and strategically placed sticky notes. Now you can place a Dash Button near the item in question and when it runs low, simply push the button. It is connected to WiFi and automatically places an order with Amazon for that particular item. 


Or is it Evil Genius?

The idea behind the Dash Buttons are to make shopping convenient and  increase Amazon’s bottom line. But, is there a downside? 

Mark Wilson wrote a piece for Fast Company that talks about the negative aspects, while the link above takes you to the Amazon page that details the advantages of this product. 

As is always the case in consumer affairs, you be the judge. Then let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I’m interested to hear if anyone has used this yet.








7 thoughts on “News Flash!

  1. I love technology and while I can appreciate the concept my gut reaction to Dash Buttons is that it’s one more thing to keep us from using our brains and putting more money into the pockets of Amazon and manufacturers. However for those things which we do not waiver from, for me it’s Reynolds Wrap, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Bounty Paper Towels I can see how this could be beneficial.

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  2. As a consumer, I have reservations: it ties you into a specific vendor, which may not offer the lowest price. However, for certain groups of people it makes a lot of sense — those who lack the time to shop, or the ability to shop independently. I’m thinking of harried people with demanding jobs or childcare responsibilities, college students and elderly people who don’t drive any more.

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  3. Another problem with it is that you can’t tell by looking at it if you’ve pushed the button or not. I’d probably end up ordering duplicates because I’d press the button, then forget I pressed it, and press it again a day or two later before the stuff had arrived.

    I also want to decrease the amount of ordering from Amazon that I do. Ever since this article came out last year I’ve been thinking that we need to decrease the influence that company has on our lives:

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    • Great observation and article. It’s a reminder that there’s a price for all the convenience that they and we tell ourselves that we “need.” Thanks for enlightening me!

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