Gratitude Journal – Prompt #3


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Day #3 – What color are you grateful for?

30 Days of Gratitude

The third day of the 30 Days of Gratitude Prompts  should be easy; we all have a favorite color. This would likely be the one we’re most grateful for, right?

Not necessarily. From the beautiful expanse of sky above to the fragile robin eggs to my aquamarine birthstone, blue has always been my favorite color. 

Of course, I do love mint green baby clothes and I chose a lovely periwinkle paint for my daughter’s room when she was small. I’m partial to red brick and, well…black IS slimming! 

So, I guess you can say I’m grateful for ALL colors! After all, how special would a rainbow be if it were completely pink? Or, if the autumn leaves never turned in the fall and remained green until they fell? 

It’s the diversity of color that makes our world such a beautiful place!

Believe it or not, but the reason we have color is because we have light! Color is the way our eyes interpret the energies contained within a beam of light!

Picture Frames_Colorful.pngThe energies of light contain a large spectrum of colors. When light touches an object, some of these energies are absorbed (taken in) by it, and others are reflected (cast back). – It’s the energies that are reflected which your eyes collect and then interpret as a specific color!

This means that when certain energies are reflected, your eyes interpret them to make you recognize that a banana is yellow, your friend has purple shoes, and your grandma’s hair is white! (Courtesy of

Sky Watch_July 8We’re surrounded daily by a palette of colors that nature provides, as well as the man-made variety. Aside from purchasing paint or some item, when was the last time you really noticed the color of something?

The sky fascinates me and you’ll see that a lot of my photos include it (or some portion of it.) I’m always looking up to admire the changing hues and cloud formations. 

Imagine a world where diversity of color in the skin pigmentation of all people was appreciated and respected. Imagine that the unique talents and gifts of those people were recognized and encouraged.

I imagine that’s something we could really be grateful for.

Carpe diem!


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