Gratitude Journal – Prompt #1

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In an effort to finally begin that gratitude journal I’ve been thinking about, I’m utilizing the 30 prompts from my post of  September 4th – 30 Reasons To Smile Again.

30 Days of Gratitude

I found this great tool & visual on Pinterest; it comes from (thank you!) What I like about these prompts are the simplicity of the content. Forget about big bank accounts, fancy job titles, and luxury automobiles. My bank account consistently adheres to the “less is more” philosophy, I have no job title (currently unemployed) and my two cars boast a total of 33 years between them…Bada-boom!

Is the glass half empty or half full? Well, it all depends on perspective. I’m in good health and the battles that I and my people are fighting are pretty average stuff. I’m thinking half full when you consider all the things that can go wrong.

These prompts get us thinking about the stuff we don’t think about. You know…all those little things that we take for granted, like our health, our five senses, family/friends, etc.


So…in the spirit of becoming more aware of my many blessings, I begin my Gratitude Journal.

This concept ties in with mindfulness, which is something I’ll be studying and sharing in future posts. Mindfulness is another word for awareness, which helps us to be grateful for what we have!

Day #1 – What smell are you grateful for today?

My answer to this question today is the aroma of morning coffee.

It’s usually the first smell I encounter in the morning and knowing the Keurig awaits is all the incentive I need to get out of bed. 

What is it about a simple cup of Joe that gets coffee lovers moving in the morning? One estimate says 83% of Americans drink coffee everyday. Is it the bold taste of the beans or the caffeine rush? Is it the heady aroma that tantalizes our olfactory nerves?

I believe it’s a Greek combo plate of all those things, as well as the ritual itself. Humans are known to be creatures of habit. I believe our habits or rituals give us a sense of security. They provide structure to our schedules and meaning to our everyday lives. I believe that making coffee in the morning is a crucial element to starting my day. 


Anyway…I’m grateful for the delightful aroma of my morning coffee as I contemplate the upcoming day and all my life’s blessings (including all my friends from the blogosphere!)

Are you ready to begin a Gratitude Journal? Join me for 30 days of smiles!!  🙂

Carpe diem!


4 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal – Prompt #1

    • Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad to hear that your gratitude lists helped you heal from the depression. I believe an “attitude of gratitude” can guide us through life’s toughest battles!

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    • Yep…it’s too hard to narrow it down to one. I guess the idea of the Gratitude Prompts is to get us thinking about ALL the many choices we have! Thanks for the comment and I hope all is going well with your new home!


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