Blogging From A to Z – W

Job Search 2

The trouble with unemployment is that the minute you wake up in the morning you’re on the job. ~ Slappy White

Blogging From A to Z – W

“W” is for work, something I’m still searching for…

Job searching sure has changed; I needed to get up to speed on simply how to look for a job and all the resources available to do so, before I could even begin the actual search!

Today, the search and application process is mostly done on the Internet. There are websites (called job sites) that bring companies and potential employees together. They have cool names like Simply Hired, Indeed, and Zip Recruiter. As a job seeker, you can register an account with contact info, education, skills, etc. You can also specify what types of jobs you’re looking for and receive alerts (emails) that let you know when a position that meets your criteria opens up.

Gone are the days when you had to check the Help Wanted ads in the daily newspaper. The toughest part was making sure your resume paper was right-side up, so the watermark wasn’t upside down. That was fine if you were seeking employment in the same area that you were currently living, but what did people do if they wanted to move to another state?

I’ve invested quality time scrolling through endless job listings, filling out online applications, tweaking cover letters & the resume, and trying to learn all I can about this whole process.

I thought having a college degree would ensure a better place in the workforce, so I went back to school at 48, when my peers were starting to plan their retirements. The reason I did this and then left my own job of 18 years, was because it was low-paying, with no benefits or retirement, and no chance for advancement.

I relocated to Florida in search of more opportunities and to be near my kids. I thought having experience + the degree would make a difference. You know, being a mature worker. Sadly, I discovered something called “ageism”and suspect that might be at work in some cases. I remember when my dad was laid off after 27 years and how depressed he got. He sat in his chair and watched TV all day, bemoaning the fact that no one wanted to hire an “old guy.” I told him that was crazy; that any smart business would kill for a manager with his history and experience. He ended up at Walmart, taking orders from a youngster who didn’t have anywhere near the business savvy that Dad could offer.

I’ve even applied to jobs that don’t require a college degree, but no luck. They probably figure I’ll continue to look for something better and when it comes along I’ll be gone. And they’re right.

When I was young and had lots of time and energy, I didn’t make great choices regarding my career. I always worked outside the home and managed to raise three great kids. I pretty much focused on them over career aspirations, and have no regrets.

Some days I feel positive and others, not so much. I’m limiting myself to a small geographic area and that’s making it even harder, but I want to be near family. I’ll have to make some sacrifices as far as money, hours, etc., but we can’t expect to have everything.

Maybe I should do what I always joked about. I told everyone that I wanted to live near the beach and rent chairs & boogie boards to the tourists. You know, hang out all day with a clipboard, contemplate life, and possibly find myself.

Find myself a job that is…

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