Echoes of My Neighborhood


Echoes of My Neighborhood

I wanted to join in Jackie’s Echoes of My Neighborhood, so I chose some photos of the beautiful Buhl Park back home in Pennsylvania. 

Frank and Julia Buhl, pictured above, were local philanthropists who donated their money and time for the betterment of the surrounding communities. Through their generosity they developed the 300 acre park, a social/fitness club, and a public library, among other things. Another proud accomplishment is the nine-hole Buhl Farm Golf Course. Fondly called the “Dum Dum” by locals, it is the only free golf course in America!

Anyone who enjoys history and would like to read further can click on this link:  Buhl Park legacy

When you grow up with easy access to things we tend to take them for granted. “The Park” was always there, for as far back as I have a memory. We enjoyed the swimming pool, ice-skating rink, sled riding, bicycling, kite field, fishing in Lake Julia, and so many other wonderful activities.

It wasn’t until I grew older that I realized many communities don’t have these wonderful opportunities. Decades later, the locals continue to enjoy the beneficence of Frank and Julia Buhl. Thanks to them I have many happy memories growing up in the Shenango Valley!

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