Blogging From A to Z Challenge – G


I’m not a person who has people tell me things in a parking garage. ~ Bill Dedman

Blogging From A to Z Challenge – G

“G” is for garage; in this case a parking garage.

During a trip to Pittsburgh I took this photo of the garage that we were parking in. Like most big cities, parking is at a premium and the city planners utilize these vertical buildings to save on space. 

While it makes sense, there’s something about parking garages that I don’t like. No matter what level you’re on it feels like the basement. Because of the open air construction, they take on the outside temperatures, so they can be very cold or hot and stuffy. The lighting is poor and it always feels like dusk. Although I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, there’s a feeling of the walls closing in.

There’s also a perception that parking garages are the perfect place to commit a crime. How many television shows have scenes of violence occurring in these very structures?  


Speaking of television, maybe my distaste for them goes back to the Seinfeld episode about the parking garage, when Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer spend hours searching for their car, because they’ve forgotten where they parked. The story doesn’t end well. A dead goldfish, fines for public urination, and humanity’s lack of…well, humanity, all make me a fan of street parking whenever possible!

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