A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs

I was happy to see the theme of “Signs” in Nancy’s photo challenge. I take pictures of all kinds of signs with the thought that they may help illustrate (in a fun way) something I’m writing about. Below are a few from my archives:

Sign 2

This colorful sign announces the entrance/exit to the Cocoa Beach Pier in Florida.

Sign 3

Here’s a sign I saw on the way to Pittsburgh during my recent trip home to Pennsylvania. It’s a bit fuzzy, but I’d never seen one like it before.

Sign 4

I also took this photo while in western PA (hence the Cleveland Indians logo.) Notice the small sign in the lower left corner. It’s amazing to me that you’d have to tell people NOT to put their cigarette butts on the “window seal…”

Sign 5

I suppose this is for people who might want to drink from the sink (because the only other source of water in here was the toilet!) Of course, depending how you read this, you might think it’s simply advising you not to drink non-potable water; not that it’s specifically referring to the water here.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs

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