Bunnies & Chickens & Eggs, Oh My!

What’s more colorful than a rainbow and much tastier?

The delicious candied fruit that Philadelphia Candies uses in their Fruit & Nut Eggs! All their candy centers are made from scratch using the original recipes from their founders.

Easter Candy 1

Candied fruit

This is the company that I used to work for and I can vouch for the quality of their products. They’ve been manufacturing fine chocolates & confections in the Shenango Valley (western Pennsylvania) for 97 years!

Easter 2

2 oz. Milk Chocolate Bunnies

The chocolate is creamy deliciousness that is guaranteed to please and very competitively priced. Or, choose the velvety dark chocolate.They make lots of molded novelty items for every theme:  iPhones, computers, sports, bingo cards, letters & numbers, and many others. The (big) kids also love the chocolate coated Oreos, Nutter Butters, Graham Crackers, Pretzels, and my all time favorite…Potato Chips!

Marshmallow Table

Freshly poured homemade Marshmallow

This fluffy confection will eventually find its way into the always popular Marshmallow Eggs and then coated in creamy Milk or delectable Dark chocolate.

Whatever you need for that special someone’s basket, you’ll find it and more! An Easter tradition of excellence for 97 years back home in Pennsylvania. It will remain a family tradition here in Florida! Give it a try this year and I think it will become a habit at your house, too! 

Click here to see the wide assortment of  Philadelphia Candies Easter goodies.


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