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“This post is part of SoCS”

This is the first time I’ve participated and I’m glad I found the challenge; thanks to Jackie at  A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales for sharing the link!

This week’s prompt from Linda at Life in Progress is “Ball.” So, the first thing that came to mind was “get on the ball” (as in exercise ball!)

It was 9:30 am this Saturday morning and I knew the fitness room would start to fill up as the day wore on. People generally sleep later after the Happy Hour of Friday night, so I knew I had to get moving if I wanted the room to myself.

Moving has new meaning for me, as an almost-55-year-old. I was a skinny kid and retained a thin to average build throughout most of my life. But, three pregnancies and not paying attention all these years got me to where I am today: over my ideal weight and out of shape.

What is ideal you ask? I wondered the same thing. So, I went to the Internet and made an interesting discovery. Based on height, age and gender, the definition of ideal has changed a lot!

In 1964 my ideal weight was 119 lbs. In 1974 it was 120 and in 1983 it was 123 – 129. Today, based on the same criteria, the ideal weight is a range of 107 – 145. Hmm…do you suppose all the changes in our eating habits, not to mention the foods we eat, account for all that leeway that the range offers? Or, is the standard lower, because as a society we’re much more sedentary? I’m not sure, but I always loved teachers who graded on a curve.

Anyway, now that I’ve returned to Florida I decided it’s time to get back on the ball of exercising and sensible eating. I started a food journal with one of those nifty apps and began (again) with the Couch Potato To 5k. This is all fine and good, except for the fact that I love to eat and hate to exercise. Well, that’s not entirely true. Unlike eating, which I enjoy while I’m doing it, exercise isn’t something I enjoy until after I’m done.

However, I’m not getting hung up on someone else’s idea of ideal. I know the difference between healthy food and junk food. I understand that consistent exercise is better than none. Therefore, I’m going to strive for a judicious diet and routine that allows for little indulgences and days off. Life wouldn’t be worth living without Rice Crispy Treats and chocolate and hey, even God took a day off! My goal isn’t to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight; I’m not a huge believer in miracles and prefer to retain a realistic sense of myself.

Looking in mirrorI think it’s important to realize that looking good on the outside has much to do with how we feel on the inside. Our self worth is just as important as fitting into the skinny jeans. When we look in the mirror we should see the whole reflection, not just the physical one. We should nurture our emotional and spiritual parts to ensure good health with each of those, as well. 

I’m turning 55 at the end of the month. I want to lose a reasonable amount of weight and inches and exercise enough to keep me feeling good and (hopefully) prevent the diabetes and dementia that run in my family.

So, excuse me, I’ve gotta get moving and get on the ball!

15 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. Welcome to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.
    I am glad I got on the ball and started participating in the first place, one year ago, and I am sure you will be too.
    Good luck with getting on the exercise ball too.
    It’s important to be realistic. Sounds like you have that going for yourself.
    Hope to see you next Saturday.

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  2. If I look at the bottom of the chart of ideal weight for my height, I’d be practically anorexic. At the age of 56 I’m having to re-calculate that myself, and it isn’t easy. What’s fair and what’s me giving up 🙂 ? But I’ve decided it’s better to be a couple of pounds overweight than underweight at this point. More flattering 🙂 .


    • Yeah, I’ve changed my eating habits, but still enjoy a greasy cheeseburger! I figure if I stick to a sensible diet most of the time, I can splurge here and there. I do wish I had changed my diet when I was younger; it has a big effect on your health later!

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    • You took the words out of my mouth. I didn’t take things so seriously when I was younger because I was skinny clear up into my 40’s and then BAM. Now the weight it up and down and I’m fighting with myself on a daily basis.

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  3. I think you are very smart to make being healthy your goal rather than being slim. It’s much more affirming, and as you say, it allows you to focus on all of you, not just your physical appearance. Good luck!

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