Items of Interest – Sunday

Know what’s better than recycling all your old plastic medicine bottles? Donating them to help people and organizations in dire need. Read this story to see where and how you can make a difference.

Pill Bottles

(Photo credit: khym/Flickr)


How Your Plastic Pill Bottles Can Make a Difference in the World

Everything evolves over time and the menu at Taco Bell is no exception. Click the link below to see how choices AND prices have changed!

Taco Bell

(Photo credit: Taco Bell Archives)


Original Taco Bell Menu: Muy Differente

Am I the only person who hasn’t heard of this? Taping one’s breasts to infinity and beyond? The link below takes you to an article with advice (and photos) from Kim Kardashian West…and if anyone would know the best methods and products for this, she would! 


The Best Boob Tape Trick Ever

As a middle-ager who lost her father to dementia, I’m interested and concerned about how to keep my brain healthy. My advice to the younger folks? Start now, paying attention to your diet and exercise habits!


The Best Exercise For the Brain

Everyone knows that the formula for living a long life is a healthy diet and exercise. But, what are the “secrets.” Flossie Dickey isn’t giving up anything in this interview on her 110th birthday…

Flossie Dickey

(Photo credit:


Here’s What 110 Looks Like…


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