My Valentine’s Fair Warning


Here’s a fun little exercise in imagination!! I found this on The Wishing Well compliments of Colette B. She originally found it on The Blog Propellant and gave it the Valentine Day twist!

After you create your own “Warning Label” hop on over to A Cooking Pot & Twisted Tales…Jacqueline is hosting a Valentine’s Day Linkup & Blog Party!! 

Fair Warning

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  1. Hey, that’s a good one – looks really official! Thanks for joining in the fun – if you wanted you could link it to The Blog Propellant challenge where i found the recent-past prompt suggesting writing a warning label (the link is in my post) – I recycled the prompt for the party game for Jacquie’s link-up, really nice that a few have joined in although yours is the first picture warning in, well done 😀

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