Items of Interest

From – this country was rated the #1 best place to live for 12 straight years…Do you know which one?


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The Best Place to Live – Rated #1 for 12 Straight Years

Here’s a handy infographic if you’re looking to improve on your blog posts (


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Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

Attention all middle-aged ladies! Get on the Icon VIPee list and never buy another box of panty shields again…(

Baby in diaper

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For the Ladies: Pee Proof Undies

Neuroscientist explains another benefit of exercise that we don’t hear enough about (


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A Powerful Benefit of Exercise That’s Rarely Discussed

We hear a lot about sibling rivalry, but here’s a tear-jerker about sibling love (



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Brotherly Love For Sister in a Wheelchair

Humans aren’t the only ones who value the role their grandparents play (


(Photo credit:

Elephants Think Grandparents Are Awesome

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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