Attn: Middle Aged Ladies (& Beyond)

I made a discovery today that I wanted to share with those of us gals who are staring down menopause (or looking at it in the rear view mirror.) You know…those of us who have to cover the gray and remove the wrinkles.

Old Lady dancing 2I’ve seen those ads that promise to make us look twenty years younger. Yeah, right.

But, there is something to be said for making us feel twenty years younger, which I believe is way more possible than changing how we look. And if we feel younger, maybe that will translate to how we look on the outside.

Anyway, music has always had an amazing effect on my mood. The right song, at the right time, can cause me to break into a smile or tears. The right song evokes memories of special people, places, and things.

Today, I was introduced to a singing group that evoked some amazing feelings (you may already be a fan.) The kind of feelings that can only be described as passion! Hearing these guys sing took me back to my younger self. Maybe you should give it a try; it’s a great way to get the old blood pumping and it’s more fun than traditional cardio.

Put away the wrinkle cream and the Clairol haircolor and feast your eyes (and your ears) on Il Divo!!

Il Divo

Il Divo – Regresa a Mi (Unbreak My Heart)

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