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Sections of the East Coast are set to receive the wrath of Jonas, a snowstorm being described as “historic.” I’m currently in western PA, located just a little outside the edge of this weather front (thankfully!) If you’re in it’s path you’ll want to hunker down and check out the items below! – (


Winter Storm Jonas

Delicious hot chocolate is always a treat on cold, snowy days (or just cold days for those areas that don’t see snow!) Learn how to make yummy cocoa inspired beverages by reading below. (

Hot Cocoa

How To Make the Best Hot Chocolate

Well, I wish someone had told me this years ago. I thought “warming up the engine” was a good thing, and so easy to do as I spent upwards of 20 minutes cleaning snow and ice from the car! (

Snowy car

Stop Hurting Your Car by Warming Up the Engine

If you’ve ever lived on Lake Erie or know anything about “lake effect snow” you’ll appreciate the following story. (

Frozen car

Lake Erie Frozen Car is Freed

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the local dollar store, here’s an article about some specific items to avoid. It shows how important ingredient labels are… and not just on food! (

Dollar Store Items

10 Most Toxic Dollar Store Items

Here’s a funny story that played out on Twitter; chuckles guaranteed! (

Twitter logo

Pizzeria Employee’s Twitter Saga

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