The Space to Write


Because I recently moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, AND got a laptop, I no longer have a dedicated space for writing. Prior to the move, I sat at my desk (with my desktop computer) and happily typed away! Of course, I hadn’t gotten into a consistent writing habit, so I’m hoping for better results this time around. The old computer desk went to Goodwill and my desktop computer is currently housed in my son’s garage, along with the rest of my worldly goods. My son and daughter both live here in Florida, about one hour apart. I’m splitting my time between the two as I job search; but,…that’s another post! The laptop gives me the mobility to designate any area as my writing space, so I’m pleased to have the flexibility!

There are a couple of things I do require when writing. The first is quiet. I can’t concentrate when people are speaking, whether it’s to me or each other. Conversation is too distracting. Number two, I do like very soft music playing in the background…very soft. Usually classical or jazz, but nothing too lively. Depending on what I’m writing, music can evoke a lot of emotions and inspire me further. I can definitely write with total silence, but music is often a plus.

I’m flexible as far as where I write. I can stand at the kitchen counter, sit at a desk/table, or sit on the bed, with pillows propped up behind me. Where I write at any given moment depends on what else I’m doing (if anything.) Multi-tasking isn’t my preferred method for anything, as I like to focus completely on one thing at a time. However, that’s not always possible or practical. Sometimes I have to stir the soup or fold the clothes as I compose!

Required equipment for writing consists of a computer, paper, and a pencil/pen. With the world and everything in it available online, I don’t need much else. Sometimes, I use the paper and pencil to sketch an outline, or some words and thoughts. But the computer offers the rest: dictionary, thesaurus, and search engines to find everything else.

I usually start my writing in the morning. However, I seldom finish anything before evening. I like to come back and reread my work with fresh eyes. Also, it gives me time to contemplate how to tailor the message that I want to convey. Sometimes, I get a new perspective on my latest writing project,  because of something that occurs or someone I encounter.

There’s another thing that can, at times, assist the writing process.

Beer-and-wine-glassesCan you guess what it is?

Nothing like some Cabernet or a couple of Stellas (as in Artois) to lubricate the old creativity wheel! Does anyone else experience the same thing, or have some idea as to why this is? I know that I’ve read about great artists, composers, etc. who imbibed and used drugs to enhance their work. I’m guessing it’s because we let our inhibitions and fears go out the window, and this frees us to truly express ourselves. I’m open to any thoughts/feedback on this, and that reminds me….

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts/feedback on the above question, as well as suggestions on what you think I should write about. Please visit the contact page on my blog if you have ideas to share, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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