Dinner Out – Always a Treat!

One of my favorite treats, in adult life, is an impromptu dinner out. The last thing I want to do, after a long day at work, is go home and prepare a meal (not that I mind cooking, but I enjoy it more on my days off.) I did it for many years while raising a family. Money was tight and dinner out involved a drive through or food in a box. With the kids grown and gone, I’m free to choose a restaurant with table linens and a server!  🙂

There’s something wonderful about having time after work to relax and unwind. No need to hurry home and begin the next round of chores. This must be why they call it Happy Hour; it’s a transition period made more enjoyable with good company and tasty food prepared by a real chef. MFullSizeRendery mother-in-law used to say that even a bologna sandwich tasted amazing when someone else made it for her.

Dinner out usually begins with a bottle of Cabernet, which is helpful in “smoothing out” the day’s wrinkles. This is followed by a delicious entrée and either a dessert, coffee, or more wine (depending on my mood and whether I need to lose a few pounds.) Having a fun dinner partner is crucial to the experience, and all of this occurs against the backdrop of soft music and candlelight.

The whole experience leaves me feeling satisfied both physically and emotionally. I’m seriously thinking of becoming a food critic, so that I can earn a living while I treat myself!

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