Favorite Place

Walkway onto beach with ocean in the distance

Favorite place

My favorite place is the beach and has been since that first visit in 1965. 

Dad took us to Florida on family vacations almost every year. We also had the pleasure of visiting places like Gettysburg and Hershey, the New England states, the 1964 New York World’s Fair, Niagara Falls, and Washington, D.C. several times.

I developed a love of traveling early on, thanks to these excursions. I was invited to Philadelphia by my cousins and told that we would visit Betsy Ross’ house and the Liberty Bell among others. I couldn’t wait to pack my bags!

Not one to shy away from the next great adventure, I never got homesick. My Dad, who often talked about his own homesickness when he joined the Navy,  fondly dubbed me his “little gypsy.”


While I thoroughly enjoy seeing new places there’s something magical about the space where the ocean meets the land. The warm sand, brilliant sunshine, and sounds of crashing waves are soothing to my soul.  

As a child, I was amazed by the fact that those waves never stopped breaking on the shoreline. I recall one Christmas my mom got each of us a personalized beach towel for our upcoming trip to Florida. It got me to thinking and visualizing that stretch of sand that we returned to each year. Knowing that the tides rose and fell faithfully during my absence was amazing. It never stopped!


The constancy of this marvel of nature isn’t lost on me even today. Aside from the beauty that this setting provides it also offers a strong connection to my past; a past that slips farther away with the passing years. 

When I sit on the beach today, I close my eyes and am quickly transported back to an easier time, where the most stressful things I had to deal with were multiplication tables and fights with my brother.skywatch-feb-10

A sense of calm penetrates my skin along with the hot sun and warms my heart. I relax and remember, grateful to visit that favorite place once again.


Coffee Date

If we were having coffee right now…I’d ask your opinion about the tragic events in Paris and why the media gave no attention to a similar tragedy in Beirut. I’d want to know your thoughts about what the United States and other civilized countries in the world should do to fight these terrorists. I’d ask you if you ever worry about being a target when you’re in a public place or get on an airplane, because I do.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d talk about my job search and how I’m having a hard time deciding which jobs to apply to. Because I’m an “older” candidate with a work history, I want to be somewhat discriminating. I want to do something that I truly enjoy and is meaningful. I went back to school as an adult, so that I would be eligible for better jobs, but money isn’t the only criteria. I’m afraid I’ll apply and be hired for the wrong position and miss out on the right position. Good grief, how can I decide?

If we were having coffee right now…I’d want to know if you ever went on a cruise and, if so, do you recommend it as a great vacation? I’d also want to know if you’ve ever been to the Caribbean and, if so, which island you’d recommend. Same for Europe.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d want to know what you’re currently reading, who your favorite Th is, and if you feel movies ever do their books justice. Being an avid reader, I enjoy hearing about a good read. Same for movies; what have you seen lately that you can recommend?

If we were having coffee right now…I’d talk about all the projects I’d like to tackle:  organizing family photos, creating two scrapbooks, trying my hand at homemade cards, painting some furniture, and teaching myself some new skills through online resources.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d tell you that I started Couch Potato to 5K (again), but this time I’m hopeful that I can finish it, since I can run on my beloved beach and I have more spare time. I’d talk about how I want to join a gym, so that I can do weight training, as well. Then I’d ask your thoughts on gym memberships and see if I can convince you to join with me.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d ask about your life and family. I’d ask what important things you have going on and any special events coming up. Then I’d treat you to another coffee (or danish) because you’ve been such a great listener!