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Swan upside down in lake makes me smile

Smile | Weekly Photo Challenge

Choosing only one photo that makes me smile was a tall order. I considered including a few more, but the choice would still be tough. Regardless of how many I posted, there would be many more left out.

So, I settled on this one. While walking in the park a few weeks ago I saw the quite large, but very elegant trumpeter swan in this not-so-elegant pose!

Literally standing on his head, he was probably grazing the vegetation on the lake bottom. With tail feathers pointing skyward, he was oblivious to anything except the job at hand.

No matter that this “ungraceful” pose was observed by all the walkers around the lake. His focus was on the job at hand and those enormous webbed feet paddled gently to maintain the balance as he ate.

What surprised me was how long he remained submerged before coming up for air. As we made our way past him, I began thinking more about this beautiful creature and his way of life.

However, my first reaction to this scene wasn’t about his eating habits; it was a healthy dose of laughter and a smile!