The Squares Challenge | Trees at Sunset

Life of B – Squares Photo Challenge – #TreeSquare

Here’s a winter shot from several years back. The sky was an incredible array of deep orange and yellow hues as the sun set over our local park. 

The tree branches remind me of gnarled arms and hands, perhaps reaching for the warmth of the sun on this frigid January evening?


The Squares Challenge | Trees

Silhouette of two palm trees against the sunset

The Life of B – Squares Photo Challenge – #TreeSquare

It’s been awhile since I joined a photo challenge, something I used to do on a regular basis. As a novice shutterbug I enjoy taking pictures with my iPhone. My camera roll includes many random photos including trees! I’m a tree lover and tree hugger from way back. So, while I may not post daily I hope to enter a few of my favorites.

More details are available at the link above.

Come along for the ride…and bring your trees! 🙂