January Light Photo Challenge | Day 7

Accidents, try to change them – it’s impossible. The accidental reveals man. ~J.B. Priestley

Okay, okay…so I probably need to explain this photo. And the quote.

My daughter and I were dining at The Cheesecake Factory in Orlando, FL when I snapped this photo of the menu. I had enjoyed their Veggie Burger on more than one occasion, and wanted a copy of the ingredients (to see if I could recreate it at home.)

You see, I fly home on Jan. 31 and the “party” is officially over. That means the New Year’s resolutions begin, which include a healthier diet. Until then, I’m eating carbs, drinking wine, partaking of dessert, and all the things we enjoy during our holidays together.

I didn’t notice that the string of lights above our table were reflecting on the menu. It was only after glancing through the camera roll the following day that I saw my next entry for #JanuaryLight!

And while the origin is electric light I’m going to improvise a bit and call it…


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