Photo 101: Triumph & Contrast


Photo 101: Triumph & Contrast

This photo shows a completely empty bedroom in my old apartment. I spent the entire month of August 2015 cleaning out, sorting, bagging, boxing, hauling to Goodwill, labeling and stacking many boxes. Unfortunately, there was no one to help, so I was flying solo. This was in addition to winding down my work at work. Talk about overwhelming! Throw in the emotional aspect of moving 1,000 miles away and I felt sure that I wouldn’t make the August 28th deadline. 

But I did.

As I walked through each room, for the last time, I snapped a picture. Somehow, I felt like I needed proof. From the largest piece of furniture to the bread ties in the kitchen drawer, everything from the prior eight years had been accounted for. 

I saw the contrast of rooms once filled with my life, which were now empty. I was leaving it the same way I found it. Of the many emotions swirling through my heart, bittersweet triumph ruled the day.

Photo 101: Edge & Alignment

Buhl Park Wall W

Buhl Park ~ Sharon, Pennsylvania


Ground Zero Memorial ~ New York City


Lincoln Memorial ~ Washington D.C.


Photo 101: Edge & Alignment

Photo 101: Glass, Squared




Photo 101: Glass, Squared