Simple Quotes to Inspire More Thoughtful Living


Japanese quote about broken objects on background of broken watch faces

Photo by Heather Zabriskie on Unsplash


Blog and penWelcome to Following Seas, a blog about living more fully in the present by understanding ourselves better and learning from the past. 

We’ve all made poor choices that cost us time, energy, and missed opportunities. That’s part of the human condition. Often these mistakes are the result of destructive patterns developed over time from the harmful messages we received from others.

To overcome a negative mindset we must take control and live with intention. We have to practice compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. It begins with thoughtful self-examination and setting goals for positive change.

Having experienced a few life-changing events in my 50+ years and learning some valuable lessons, I’ll focus on the subjects of self and how to live life with more intention.

Therefore, I’ll write about self-reflection, mindfulness, and other ways to achieve personal growth.  I’ll share my experiences and I invite you to share yours.

I want Following Seas to become a source of inspiration and information about our shared humanity. We have the power to change and grow and, in doing this, we really can navigate our best life! 

 I began blogging in 2015 to keep my writing ability strong, as well as to reflect on life and current events.

I also got interested in photography and enjoy posting pictures and participating in the various challenges. 

I grew up in western Pennsylvania, worked, and raised a family there. My greatest accomplishment is my three children, all responsible adults leading successful lives.

My second greatest accomplishment was earning a college degree at 52 years old. This enabled me to check off Item #1 on my Bucket List.

The next goal is to turn my writing hobby into income with a freelance career. And who knows…maybe a real live book someday, complete with my own photos! 🙂