Blogging From A to Z Challenge – U


A man’s under layers shouldn’t be stuck in the past.
Or anywhere else. ~ Tommy John


“U” is for underwear; specifically the Tommy John brand.

I’m deviating from the Travel theme because I have no good photos of anything  I encountered on a trip that starts with a U.

So, I’m looking at men’s underwear again.

Actually, it’s another excuse to promote the Know Your Balls campaign for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. It’s designed to get the boys talking about…well, The Boys! 

Testicular cancer 2

Men in general don’t talk much about serious stuff; they mostly keep it light and enjoy conversations that involve sports, beer, and sex. That’s why it’s up to us gals to get a dialogue going about really important things, such as health issues.

Tommy John underwear has gotten good reviews, so I’m thinking maybe all the men in my life will get a pair next Christmas, along with some socks & undershirts. In the meantime, I’ll embarrass them further with my insistent urging that they begin self-checks…it elevates “handling the package” to a whole, new level!


Know Your Balls

Well, I’m switching gears today (now that Earth Day is over) from saving the planet to saving your balls, or those of someone you love!

I was invited to share this important message regarding men’s health with my readers and am happy to oblige. I normally don’t encourage guys to “rearrange the furniture” but, am making an exception in this case.

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and Tommy John underwear  wants to help educate people about prevention & detection of this disease. They’re a relatively new company revolutionizing men’s underwear; believing that improvements were long overdue. It’s stated this way on their website:

A man’s under layers shouldn’t be stuck in the past.
Or anywhere else.

Funny right? Speaking of the website, you should stop by and check it out; they put a humorous spin on a mundane subject, in a very creative way!

Click here to read more about the company (or if you just want to see some guys in their skivvies!)  Tommy John underwear

If you’d like to help spread the message, here’s the deal:

Instagram Giveaway:  To enter, you must share one of these testicular cancer info cards on Instagram using #KnowYourBalls, and tag someone who could benefit from the knowledge. Follow @TommyJohnWear and @TesticularCancerFoundation for a chance to win a $25 credit for some 



For more information from the Testicular Cancer Foundation &
Tommy John underwear or to help spread the message 
click here.