Blogging From A to Z Challenge

I took an impromptu trip to visit friends in West Palm Beach and took my laptop, since I wanted to keep up with all things online. Unfortunately, they were having problems with their Internet, so I’ll have to catch up with letters D, E, F & G. I’ll also try to catch up with all of your posts, as well! Letters A through C serendipitously took on a Travel/Places of interest theme, so I’ll try to stay with that. However, I may have to veer off course on occasion!

Rock & Roll is here to stay. ~ Neil Young

Blogging From A to Z Challenge

“H” is for Hard Rock Cafe.

My only two visits to a Hard Rock Cafe both occurred in New York City. The first was in April or May of 2000; only a few short months before 9/11. I volunteered to chaperone my son’s eighth grade field trip, a whirlwind three day excursion with a raucous group of young teenagers. At one point in our tour, we were waiting for the ferry to take us to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I asked someone to take a picture of my son and I with the NY skyline behind us and, more specifically, the Twin Towers. Little did I realize the significance that picture would come to have. 

The Hard Rock Cafe was one of our stops and we enjoyed a meal and the Rock & Roll memorabilia on display. Currently, there are 191 locations in 59 countries, including 157 cafes, 22 hotels and 11 casinos. For more information on the Hard Rock story click this link.

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