Cee’s Compose Yourself: Black & White

BW June29

Tree Bark

BW June29_2



BW June29_3

Kitty’s paw

BW June29_4

Decorative stone/concrete fence

Katzenworld – Tummy Rub Tuesday

TRT May 17

Meet Tilly, our new Tuxedo Cat! We rescued her from the local shelter, where she had her tummy shaved for treatment of ringworm. Her silky, soft fur is growing back nicely. She LOVES tummy rubs and long naps. You can find her on Instagram at blacktietilly.  

Happy Sunday!

Tilly Attention.png

Look who wants my attention as I try to get multiple things done today! My favorite (new) pet Tilly. She loves to play (and sleep.)


I hope your Sunday is going well…Enjoy!!