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Friday the 13th

SuperstitionMeet & Greet – Superstitions!

When I was a kid I refused to walk under ladders or allow black cats to run across my path. I once nearly wrecked my bike trying to turn away from a cat that was poised on the curb, ready to race across the street in front of me.

But, as I grew older and found out that the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny were all make-believe, I also stopped believing in superstitions. Because I wanted to write a post and participate in this Meet & Greet, I turned to the Internet in search of superstitions that might be unknown to those of us in the United States.

Did you know….

In Rwanda women are taught not to eat the meat of goats because eating it will cause them to grow facial hair?

Goat   Sarah Palin

And here I thought it was menopause causing the extra fur, not all the goat burgers I’ve been eating!


BucketIn Russia they say carrying an empty bucket or even seeing someone carrying an empty bucket is a bad omen. This probably stemmed from the fact that Tsar Alexander II was assassinated by a man with an empty bucket. (I wonder if the man used the bucket?)

So, if your bucket (list) is empty, you might want to get some things in there. An empty bucket is equivalent to not having goals or dreams. While that might not be unlucky, it sure isn’t very motivating or fun!

Dog PoopIn France it’s believed to be good luck to step in dog poop with your left foot, but bad luck to step in it with your right. 

Wow, in my humble opinion it’s pretty unlucky regardless of which foot finds the pile! I’ll take my chances on this one and keep BOTH shoes clean…

Purse on floor

In Brazil it’s bad luck to let your wallet or purse touch the floor. If it happens, the belief is that you will become a poor man.

I think my “poorness” is a result of not choosing a more lucrative vocation in life. However, I try hard not to put my purse on any floor. I once read an article where they tested the bottoms of women’s’ purses to see what “goodies” they picked up. Trust me, it is risky to place one’s purse on the floor. You won’t become poor from doing this, but you might become sick…

Bird poopIn Bulgaria it’s actually good luck to have a bird poop on you! 

Yeah….I’m gonna pass on this one too…

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And watch out for those cracks!