Mundane Monday Challenge #56

Walkway Beach.png

Mundane Monday #56

My favorite leading lines are the ones that lead to something wonderful. This weathered, nondescript walkway, also called a crossover, is leading us to the ocean. The photo was taken at Cape Hatteras National Seashore in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This 70 mile stretch of beach preserves the portion of OBX that runs from Bodie Island to Ocracoke Island, and is managed by the National Park Service.

You won’t find the usual crowds or hotels & condos that normally line the beach. That’s why the crossover is so wide. Natural marine life and vegetation are promoted in protected spaces like this. Swimming is permitted, but there are only three areas staffed with lifeguards. Tourists are encouraged to visit; there are campsites and things to do such as beach activities, fishing, hiking, lighthouse climbs, and more. Basically, there is less commercialization, with the focus on nature.

If planning a trip to the Outer Banks, be sure to check out this link for more information.