The Square Challenge | Banyan Tree

The Life of B – Squares Photo Challenge – #TreeSquare

When visiting Florida I enjoy looking at the trees and plant life. Some are similar to what we have here in Pennsylvania; others are quite different. A good example is the palm tree. You won’t find these in the northeastern United States!

On a 2017 trip, I noticed this stately-looking specimen, particularly the trunk. It appears to have a ribbed or rope-like structure. After a quick search, I discovered it’s a banyan tree.

The banyans are native to India and Pakistan. Variations found in Florida enjoy the tropical climate. False Banyans (Fiscus Altissima) have become invasive in the southern regions of the state.

Taken in West Palm Beach, I’m not sure which type it is. Regardless, it’s a cool subject with an interesting backstory. Click on the link to hear more about Banyan trees.



Flower of the Day | Dandelion

Ahh…the lowly dandelion.

Unlike its more exotic counterparts, this prolific flower grows in many parts of the world. Perhaps its sheer abundance makes it less desirable, as we tend to gravitate towards more exclusive blooms. Have you ever received a bouquet of dandelions that weren’t handpicked for you by a child?

This probably explains why people are quick to kill them off with toxic chemicals, and it’s unfortunate that they do. Despite its humble position among flowers, the dandelion offers potential health benefits. One way is through drinking tea made from flowers, leaves, and roots. Here’s a recipe if you’re interested.

And who can’t appreciate an emerald green lawn or meadow brimming with these golden beauties? Who hasn’t picked one (post pollination) to blow the tiny seedlings into the air?

The lifecycle of a dandelion is short, typically 9 to 15 days, based on temperature and conditions. The short video below illustrates the stages.

I took the photo this past spring practicing the closeup method with my iPhone and was pleased with the outcome. It worked well for today’s Flower of the Day post challenge!


The Squares Challenge | Trees at Sunset

Life of B – Squares Photo Challenge – #TreeSquare

Here’s a winter shot from several years back. The sky was an incredible array of deep orange and yellow hues as the sun set over our local park. 

The tree branches remind me of gnarled arms and hands, perhaps reaching for the warmth of the sun on this frigid January evening?