Happy National Napping Day


Still trying to catch up on that hour you lost to Daylight Savings Time?

If so, today’s your day! That’s right…a day set aside just for napping.

Sleep is an important part of a healthy routine that includes naps, if your schedule permits.

The ideal length of a nap is considered to be 20 minutes and no longer than 30. This ensures we’ll wake up feeling refreshed. Longer naps allow us to enter a deeper state of sleep, which is harder to awaken from. However, there are circumstances when longer naps might be warranted.  

The other components of a healthy routine are diet and exercise. Making even small changes in these areas helps us look and feel better. We don’t have to run a marathon or give up our favorite foods altogether. It’s all about moderation:

  • Cutting back on carbs & sugars
  • Eating more veggies & whole grains 
  • Incorporating some form of daily exercise
  • Striving for 8 hours of sleep each night

We’re human and that means we won’t get it perfectly right every day. But, if we do better most days it will pay off over time.

If you’re interested there’s some fun facts about this “holiday” and the importance of sleep, available at nationaltoday.com.

Happy Napping!




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