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I’ve always loved reading and did well in school with English and writing courses. More importantly, they were the ones I enjoyed the most. So, I decided to try blogging and freelance writing as a way to generate income.

 I’m now in the process of educating myself about this career path. There are many resources available online to help writers brush up on their skills and launch a business. Some are free and others cost money. But, without actually trying them it’s hard to decide which ones to choose.

Therefore, I decided to create this page to promote any products that I feel are worth recommending. If you’re also interested in writing or blogging as a career I’d like to suggest the products below. 

 I’ve used and can personally endorse these tools and training opportunities. I do receive a small commission if you click on the links.

You don’t pay anything extra and it allows me to explore more resources, which I can then share. It also enables me to improve and grow this blog, whose goal is to inspire, educate, and encourage better living for everyone!  

Thanks for reading and good luck with your own goals and dreams!

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The Freelance Writers Den is the first resource that I’ve used. It offers a wealth of information and training opportunities at an incredibly affordable price. Compared to other courses, etc. that I’ve seen online you get tremendous value for your dollars!

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