Photo 101: Triumph & Contrast


Photo 101: Triumph & Contrast

This photo shows a completely empty bedroom in my old apartment. I spent the entire month of August 2015 cleaning out, sorting, bagging, boxing, hauling to Goodwill, labeling and stacking many boxes. Unfortunately, there was no one to help, so I was flying solo. This was in addition to winding down my work at work. Talk about overwhelming! Throw in the emotional aspect of moving 1,000 miles away and I felt sure that I wouldn’t make the August 28th deadline. 

But I did.

As I walked through each room, for the last time, I snapped a picture. Somehow, I felt like I needed proof. From the largest piece of furniture to the bread ties in the kitchen drawer, everything from the prior eight years had been accounted for. 

I saw the contrast of rooms once filled with my life, which were now empty. I was leaving it the same way I found it. Of the many emotions swirling through my heart, bittersweet triumph ruled the day.

8 thoughts on “Photo 101: Triumph & Contrast

    • OMG…at first I wasn’t going to write about it, because it seemed trivial in regards to the really big triumphs in life. But I reminded myself of how much work & stress went into that month and thought, “That’s a BIG triumph!” Thanks for your comment!

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  1. Incredible! This photo brought back those feelings of leaving a home and moving to another, all the memories and emotions came flooding back. Sometimes it was a feeling of relief, or excitement about my next step in life, or sadness. I lived my grandmother before we moved her into a nursing home as she wasn’t safe to be on her own anymore, it was a small apartment that we packed up and the same as you, donated what we couldn’t sell. It was a hard move for both us, three years after that she made another move to return to live with our Father in Heaven, another difficult move for me. An empty room can say so much. I hope you are loving your new home.

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    • Thank you so much! You’re right; an empty room can signify the excitement of new beginnings and/or the sadness of an ending of some sort. Your story is bittersweet and I thank you for sharing!

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